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Sony India does not appears to be in a state of mind to take “Gaming” seriously. And the results are causing dissatisfaction among the consumers, in regards of gaming especially.

As reported on Gadgets360, they were informed that there would be around 9,500 copies of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End accessible at the time of launch. Be that as it may, it doesn’t seem to be the case as they’ve only brought 7,500 copies of the game at first, which is obviously lesser in figures.

Moreover, when we checked the import data for the game, we observed that they’ve imported more copies in India after the intial 7500. This time 2,505 more copies had been ordered, however despite everything it not have the capacity to fill the crevice.

According to the listing on Zauba, Sony India brought 7,500 copies of the game on May 2, later on, in addition, 2,505 more copies were brought in on May 6. That makes a total of 9,005 copies which is undoubtedly too small in quantity for the whole country – if we take the number of PS4s sold in past into our consideration.

On a rough estimate, there were 1,00,000 PS4s sold in India- as claimed by Sony India itself -in past and so consequently, there are 1,00,000 owners of PS4 which surely will left a huge gap of 90,995 copies of the game to be provided, which is supposedly to be fulfil if the demand for the game increases among these fans/owners.

On the off-chance you’re thinking Sony India will make more copies available by importing, it’s better not to forget about what was happened with Uncharted 4: Nathan Drake Collection- one that already mentioned in Gadgets360’s report -they took 6 months to made more stocks available to the stores.

“Furthermore, none of this takes into consideration that Sony usually does not release the entire stock of the game to stores,” reads the report by Gadgets360. “It holds back an certain amount to bundle with PS4s. Something we’ve seen the company do with increasing frequency.”

Unharted 4’s strong hype is spread throughout the world, on the other hand it seems to be overshadowed in India due to some common- yet frustrating -“Sony India problems”.

So, it’s better to secure your copy of Nate’s remarkable adventure- which is possibly his last one -by pre-ordering the game as fast as you can, who knows if the hype gets too strong that all copies got sold out.

One thing that worth a notice is that Sony India didn’t provide an early copy of Uncharted 4 to media for reviewing, which clearly shows how Sony India belittling the Indian press/media, and truth to be told, India is becoming hell when it comes to early games review or hands-on previews for game (not for digitally available games though).

When I wondered this towards Rishi Alwani, a known games journalist, here’s what he have to say:



As you can read above, Rishi have to buy games if its a PS4-exclusive as Sony India doesn’t give careful consideration with regards to the “Gaming Scene” in India apparently.

Basically, Sony India is doing that – according to me -they are more concentrating towards mobile market and TVs. In the event that we think it for all intents and purposes it’s more probable for any firm to focus towards mobile market as India is the second most consumers of smartphones, though that’s a conversation for another day. What we are talking about here is “Why is Sony India takes the ‘Gaming Section’ so lightly?” “Why don’t they encourage/promote the gaming scene in India?”. By reviewing games what all games journalist and media outlets is doing is to create hype and consequently, sales for a particular game, so isn’t it the duty of Sony India to help “US” promote “THEIR” games. Add to that the Sony India’s “profound quiet mode”, and it all paints an awful picture of them towards the media as well as towards the consumers.

We’ve reached out to Sony India for comments on why did they import such a small quantity of the game and will update when we hear anything from them.

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