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Dauntless is an upcoming co-op F2P Monster Hunter style game for PC. Today a trailer for the game has been releasedwhich can be watched below:

Apart from that, a new Behemoth has also been revealed called the Drask.

The rough description can be found HERE, from which an excerpt can be found below:

“I hauled myself back to the scene to find the Slayers knew this well. As Garvenne charged her weapon with aether the distinctive patterns of ice encrusting her hammer caused the Drask to recoil – the power of frost aether was anathema to beings driven by shock. The team hit the Drask with cold strike after cold strike, expertly maneuvering away from the massive reptile’s lightning bolts as they wore the Behemoth down.

I allowed myself a small shout of triumph amid the maelstrom of battle. It certainly was rewarding to see one’s theories proven in the field. Especially when one’s life was at stake. The shout died on my lips when I saw the attacks had only enraged the beast further. It roared, its maw crackling with aetheric power, and all at once the air around the Drask – the air in which we all stood – erupted with a literal shock wave which knocked every one of us to the ground.

Garvenne was the first back to her feet. She hefted her hammer and gave a determined half-grin. “All right,” she snarled. “So that’s how it’s going to be.” With one hand she pushed me back to safety and launched herself into the fray once more.

From the Field Report of Watcher Nisha Saray
Fourth Quarter, 1008 A.U.”

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