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Secret Government, an early access grand strategy title, where you become the leader of a secret cult that changes the course of history, gets its second major Early Access content update!

With this update, the free play mode gets expanded with the addition of The New World – now you can sail the Atlantic Ocean in search of greener pastures and more governments to corrupt! Furthermore, following the community’s valuable feedback, the developers have made numerous other changes and improvements to the game such as the Government system, tooltips and actions in battles.

Below is the list of all the main changes that the second Early Access content update brings to Secret Government. A detailed roadmap is available to all players who would like to see what’s planned until the end of the Early Access period.

  • New map: North America
  • New mechanics: Government
  • Map improvements: tooltips and actions in battles, riots and organized crime events
  • Updated tutorial
  • Bugfixes
  • UI improvements

Secret Government is currently available in Early Access on Steam and GOG for $19.99 USD with a full launch planned for October 2020. For more information, be sure to check out the game on Steam and Twitter, or follow 1C Entertainment on Facebook and/or Twitter.

About Secret Government
Taking place from the 17th century to the present day, Secret Government tasks you with leading a secret organization as you spread your influence across the globe, rewriting key historical events and deciding the fate of humankind. Manage your resources as you manipulate the actions of the world’s leaders. From strategically planting your agents in vulnerable regions, to infiltrating powerful institutions of authority, anyone can be your pawn as you exploit their resources and seize control over key decision-makers.

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