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 Part-time astronauts Serenity Forge (Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!) and developer Lifeless Worlds announced yesterday during the IGN Summer of Gaming Expo that the forthcoming sci-fi adventure title, Lifeless Moon, is set for a lunar landing in Q1 2023 across consoles and PC. Lifeless Worlds has put together a brand-new trailer showcasing the environment, intriguing visuals and unique puzzles players will encounter when Lifeless Moon launches in Q1 2023:

The spiritual successor to 2014’s puzzle-platform title Lifeless Planet, Lifeless Moon puts players in the spacesuits of an Apollo-era astronaut exploring the Moon. On the Moon, they find themselves in a familiar town but quickly realize that nothing is as it seems, setting the stage for an incredible and unforgettable adventure across time and space.

After publishing Lifeless Planet across PC, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, Serenity Forge announced today that they will continue their partnership with the development team, “We have a great relationship with Lifeless Worlds, and we’re confident that Lifeless Moon will be even more of an innovative and unique experience than the amazing Lifeless Planet,” said Zhenghua Yang, Co-founder and CEO of Serenity Forge. “We can’t wait for fans to see what the game has in store in Q1 2023.”

Exploration, platforming and puzzle-solving are at the heart of Lifeless Moon, woven through a tapestry of discovery and psychological themes. Players will confront a strange phenomenon and tap into its extraordinary creative powers as they seek to unravel the mystery and learn the truth. 

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