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EDIT:  The original Google Drive link on the 4chan thread seems to be taken down. Interested folks can head here for downloading the client.

Dead Island 2 has been a memory since its original announcement back in 2014. The theme song of “I’m the bomb I’m about to blow up” still rings fresh in a lot of minds. The trailer was announced in E3 2014, but the development of the game was supposedly halted in 2015.

However, a flurry of new screenshots has resulted in newfound interest in the game. Quite a few screenshots have been posted online, which showcase a working build of the game. User James was the one to post the screenshots to Twitter first. A couple of screenshots show off the character in a vehicle, as well as the main UI of the game.

However, he later posts another screenshot and says that the build was from 2015 (might as well be the last active build before production was ceased). No other information, including the potential source of the leak as well as a probable announcement date, could be found in his tweets.


If these screenshots seem fake, more screenshots were posted by user JHarrdington to Twitter as well. The credibility of his leaks seems much more relevant since he works in the gaming industry – as a graphics designer for Nintendo America. He has posted quite a round of screenshots, reiterating the fact that the build was from 2015.

More screenshots of a similar build of the game were posted to 4chan as well. It seems the entire test build was leaked to 4chan, so interested folk can head over there, download the game and test it out for themselves if they want to.

If this leak is indeed true, this has got to be the second biggest leak in recent times, the first one still being the ‘The Last of Us 2’ leaks. An announcement for Dead Island 2 might indeed be on its way. However, it would not look anything like this version, which was mostly made with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in mind.

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