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Haxor, the retro action platformer from Fat Dog Games and Climou, plumbs the depths of Windows PC on Nov. 29, 2018.

Kla’s rechargeable powers will help in her fight to recover her memory and defeat Kranox and his forces. Activate Invulnerability to fend off dangerous enemies and traverse environmental hazards safely. Use Invisibility to sneak past difficult foes and gates activated by proximity. Unlock more powers while exploring four planets with expansive multi-stage levels and perilous obstacles. Eradicate giant bosses with an array of weapons.

Haxor celebrates the glory of rocket jumping. Kla can use her rockets to launch herself to otherwise unreachable heights. Master the rocket jump to explore huge worlds or use those rockets to blast enemies in the face, but make sure to keep an eye on ammo when bosses’ weak spots open.

Inspired by 8-bit action classics, Haxor features chunky pixel art and a 16-color palette straight out of the golden era of console gaming. The chiptune soundtrack sets the mood for nostalgia-filled alien blasting.

“Haxor is about bringing back the best parts of the games we loved as children, from music and art to timeless gameplay,” said Łukasz Majewski, co-founder of Climou. “The great joy of Haxor is in mastering its weapons and other systems so you can explore its huge environments to the fullest and unearth all its secrets.”

Haxor will be available in English for Windows PC on Nov. 29, 2018 for $9.99. Haxor can be wishlisted on Steam.

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