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No Man’s Sky is the hot topic of this month and every other game has been overshadowed by this hyped up Magicarp that was supposed to have attacks like Hyperbeam and Thunderbolt. There have been many articles titled ‘One Man’s Lie’ for the game and well the articles are definitely not kidding. Supposedly a user on Reddit has been able to dig up all the lies that were shown to us by the developer and it is a hell lot of features. If you thought that Ubisoft’s downgrade was bad, then this will definitely blow your mind away.

The list is too long to be posted in an article and hence I have provided a link to it here. The read is about 10 minutes long and if you want to open up each source and see everything, it’ll take much longer. But all in all practically almost everything that was promised and not delivered has been compiled, and hats off to the person who was has compiled it. Many people including the OP were highly anticipating this game, and have been disappointed by the many issues the game has, let alone the missing features. And even after the list is done, the OP goes on to say:

The most recent promo material from July, the four pillars videos released just a month before launch, are all using new footage from that same old build of the game that very clearly does not represent the one people can buy. That footage is still being used to sell this game even now, and it’s no better than what Sega did with Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Some of the features have been found to which the OP has retracted some of his statements by saying ‘Feature found’, but as it stands there are still miles to go before No Man’s Sky is even near the game it was supposed to be.

So what do you guys think of the list? Do you think that the developers have cheated on us or are you enjoying the game, the way it is. Let us know that and more in the comments section below.

    1. Well that’s what happens when a developer is decisively vague. Also supposedly the Sony and Hello games can be sued for the amount of wrong claims and false advertising according to the British Law

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