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I have always been a Open world Gaming guy. Always waiting and stalking for the games which convince me that what I am seeing is real and allowing me to dive into its rich graphics and immersive gameplay. Well looks like Rockstar heard my requests right on time and introduced me to the world of Red dead Redemption 2. A game so precise that it reduces the gap between the digital and real world. Boasting about its amazingly detailed environmental design and winsome gameplay, RDR 2 gave me an experience which kept me captivated for hours.

Lets list down some factors which acted as the Feathers in the cap and made the game to stand apart from its contemporaries. And Chill guys, NO MAJOR SPOILERS ahead…

1. Alluring Setting

Detailed environment acts as a backbone for every open World game which immediately gains attention. Luckily RDR 2 not only provides an intricate world but also provides a sense of realism in its gameplay. It perfectly captures varieties of landscapes including dense forests, soggy marshlands, unforgiving drylands and fascinating cities. The game provides a striking balance between the rough countryside life and the royal City life and more or less makes it look like baroque painting.

With every scenery feeling like an art, the game strikes an urge for us to explore the world more only to leave us astonished over it beauty.

2. All about characters

Well, everyone will agree that a game is interesting only when the characters of the game are compelling. Every critic who talks about Red Dead Redemption 2, says the same thing, “This game is all about the characters.” The game has a bunch of characters and all have their own varied personalities which gives the game a sense of accomplishment.

Our protagonist “Arthur Morgan” as per me is one of the best gaming character. His multilayered persona of being a sturdy badass and compassionate guy at the same time generates an instant connection with the player. He does not just replace John Marston, he replaced every other character for me. Arthur’s assertive personality and finesse attitude leaves a memorable mark not only one the storyline but also on the player.

3. Attention to detail

There are gaming studios who pay extreme attention towards Game details. But then arrives RDR 2 which created a benchmark in detailing. Be it the movement of tall grass by the sway of wind, enraging fire spread across the wilderness, the real mud or blood effect – this game captures every single detail and weaves it perfectly which packs an unparalleled level of depth into the game.

The detailing is not restricted only till the surroundings but also peeps into the characters. Realistic facial hair growth over time, reduction in the annoying ragdoll falls, visibility of weight loss or gain depending on food habits, weapons getting dirty or rusted over time and many more which will force you to ask yourself “OMG!! I can actually do that?”

4. Storyline

After Red dead Redemption’s stunning storyline I was quite skeptical if RDR 2 will be able to reach upto the mark. Its been more than a month, and I still get amazed every minute I play RDR 2 because of its amazing and deep storyline. It is a game with a massive scale story that will take an “average” person weeks or possibly months to finish it. Even with such hefty amount of storytelling, the game never loses its narrative aspect and keeps on maintaining its charm.

The story is so captivating that it is sure to keep you astonished at times and to bring tears on multiple occasions. I was completely involved into the story as if I entered into a completely new world. I was able to perfectly correlate with the protagonist and all the decisions he was making. With the pace of the story under control RDR 2 definitely hit the right note with its on-point narration.

5. Side activities

Well frankly side activities in RDR 2 are the main factors which make the world feel alive. The game has plethora of side activities completing whom will take forever. They are divided into multiple sections including Stranger activities, hunting missions, train robberies, shopliftings and many many more. The game does a perfect task of allowing us to search for more side activities by exploration of the open world rather than spoon-feeding them.

While there are multiple side activities which keep you on the edge of your seat, Rockstar went a bit ahead and added some cool supernatural stuff to the game as easter eggs. Like if you are travelling during night time in forest you can sometimes actually hear voices in the woods depicting a ghostly presence, from coming face to face with a vampire to spotting a UFO, this game aces in every aspect of side missions. It creates a perfect balance of a dedicated storyline and fun to do side activities.

I can go on and on about this game as it gave me one of the best gaming experience I ever had. What are your favorite moments? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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