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1C is proud to announce that Realpolitiks: New Power has been released today. This first DLC for the original streamlined real-time grand strategy game Realpolitiks, developed by Jujubee S.A., expands the players’ options as well as reflects some of the current events on the geopolitical scene and trends in contemporary political movements. The DLC is available on SteamTM and other digital stores as a separate product, or bundled with the base game.

Revolving around the one country that all heads are turning towards regularly in recent news, Realpolitiks: New Power offers a unique opportunity to arrive at various possible outcomes of the potentially explosive situation on the Korean peninsula on the geopolitical and macroeconomic level and compare them to events taking place in real life. In the Korean Crisis mini-scenario, players can choose either side of the conflict, playing for the USA, China, North Korea or Japan.

Apart from this new mini-scenario, Realpolitiks: New Power also adds features that expand on the current scenarios, boosting the replay value of the base game with Non-Governmental Organizationsthat try to influence politics to their own ends, as well as new features for creating larger territorial units.

The NGOs present an extra challenge, as they exert additional pressure on world leaders and governments. Players also have the option to work in secret with the mafia, and maybe even support large corporations with favorable subsidies. They’ll also enjoy increased opportunities for business growth while maintaining good relations with separatists, or bring further harmony to their country through various religious and cultural movements, and much more.

New diplomatic options in international politics include non-aggression pacts enabling peaceful coexistence with other nations, while political annexation offers another option for enlarging territory without the use of military power. Even so, everything comes at a price…

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