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Rapoo VM300 Bluetooth Headset Review :: The Wireless, Budget Beast

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Good wireless headsets are pretty hard to come by, and the very few wireless headsets present in the market have either too many connectivity issues or are not suitable for gaming. Rapoo, one of the leading manufacturers of wireless computer peripherals, recently launched the VM300. Does it fall under the list of the other mediocre wireless headsets, or is it actually one of the few ‘good’ wireless out there? Let’s find out.

Rapoo VM300

Detailed Review

Inside The Box

The Rapoo VM300 boasts a packaging similar to what we see in premium headsets. The box itself is pretty compact and can be used for traveling. The box contains a set of manuals, a USB cable, a number of replaceable earbuds, and, the headset itself.

Design & Comfort

The Rapoo VM300 boasts a really solid and sturdy design, and at the same time performs decently on aesthetic levels too. Both the earbuds portrude inwards towards the ears with an extra rubber flap in each of the earbuds to fit inside the ear fossa. The earbuds are of regular size, and the extra rubber flaps ensures that the earplugs properly fit in. Speaking of design, the earplugs are made of high quality plastic, have a matte black colour scheme, and look very sturdy. On the outer side, the VM300 has a metallic concentric disc finish which looks pretty good. The wire attaching the two earplugs are of flattened type and they are of pretty standard size, but the middle part of the wire has a pretty large section of it bundled up. Users can use that extra section to get elongate the wire by sliding it.

Between the right earplug and the wire-bundle are the various buttons. The headset consists of three buttons, i.e., both the volume rockers and the multifunction button. We will speak about them later on. At the side of the section containing the buttons, there is the micro USB port hidden with a rubber flap. At the backside is the Rapoo branding along with the mic. That’s pretty much all about the design. Speaking of comfort, the earplugs are pretty comfortable and with an in-the-ear design, they offer pretty decent reduction of ambient sound. The rubber flaps fit in pretty well in ear fossa, and even after using the headset continously for several hours, neither the rubber flaps nor the earbuds caused any irritation which speaks volumes about their build quality. The flat wire, is of pretty good quality as well and it seems that it’ll be able to withstand the stress and strain of normal as well as rough usage.

Performance & Features

The Rapoo VM300 wireless headset is one of the most balanced gaming headsets I have ever used. To test the headset’s performance, we started with a few single player game with good OSTs. We tried out games like Ori and the Blind Forest, Witcher 3, Nier: Automata, to name a few, and were absolutely blown away by the headset’s performance. The headset boasts pretty good low tones complimented by stellar mid and high tones. Whatever soundtrack you are listening to, the VM300 doesn’t fail to deliver a pretty well balanced experience with pretty good bass and treble for a gaming headset. Many gaming headsets have overwhelming bass which often results in the overpowering of the important audio cues by the bass itself, and hence makes playing multiplayer games a pain. The VM300, strikes an excellent balance between everything; In games like Nier:Automata, the headset’s bass was pretty enough to get a very good listening experience, while in multiplayer games like CS:GO, the audio clarity and balanced bass ensured that once could properly hear footsteps, gunshots and other important audio cues perfectly.


The headset also features HD stereo sound, which does a decent job while playing games which demand audio awareness. One of the biggest advantages of the VM300 is that it is water and sweat proof. It comes with Bluetooth 4.1 and offers connectivity upto a radius of 10m, and unlike many wireless headsets in the price range, we faced no connectivity issues or audio dropping issues even after nearing the 10m range. The multifunction button works pretty well and can be used for pairing, switching the device on/off, pausing tracks, answering calls, and redialing them as well. Apart from volume control, the volume rockers can also go to the next track, or the previous track if held for long enough. These features associated with the buttons present in the headset, prove to be really very helpful. The headset has pretty good battery life, and a couple of hours of full charge gave around 6-7 hours of undisrupted performance. Overall, the VM300 delivers in the performance department as well.


The Rapoo VM300 is an allrounder. Gaming, listening to music, or aesthetics, the VM300 doesn’t fail to deliver, in any of the departments. Whether you are looking for a wireless gaming headset, or a just a wireless headset to listen to music, the VM300 is probably the perfect choice under 3,000 INR.

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