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A controller is a very essential peripheral fo gamers, especially if one plays games of different genres and of course, sports games. There are a number of controllers available in the market, but the ones which are cheaply priced are generally not upto the mark as far as quality is concerned. Recently, we reviewed the Rapoo VM300 Gaming Headset and were quite impressed with it’s performance. How does the controller perform, let’s find out.

Detailed Review

Rapoo V600 Controller

The Rapoo V600 sports a Xbox styled design, and comes with extra rubberized pads at either side of the controller for proper grip. The rubberised pads do a pretty good job of ensuring proper grip while playing even for people whose hands sweat a lot while playing for long hours at a stretch. Being accustomed to Playstation-styled for since about 15 years now, I’ve always found it to difficult to get used to the Xbox-design. Surprisingly, the Rapoo V600’s compact design ensures that players get used to the design pretty quick irrespective of the fact whether they have used the Xbox-styled controller before.

Design-wise the Rapoo V600 is a pretty solid controller considering it’s price range and the other controllers available at this price range, but it has a few flaws as well, which might be insignificant for other users. First, is the size of the RB and LB buttons, and the right and left triggers. The aforementioned buttons are a bit small and you will occasionally find your fingers slipping off them. The rest of the buttons are pretty well sized, and I didn’t face any issues as such with them. The same holds true for the D-Pad as well.

Speaking of the buttons, they are pretty responsive and I experienced almost no input lag while using the controller. We tried a number of games with the controller, including a number of multiplayer games to better assess the controller’s capabilities. In games like Rocket League and Tekken 7, which require pretty quick reflexes an response time, we faced no issues at all while playing with the controller. The trigger’s pressure sensitivity is pretty good as well. In games like Megaman and Dark Souls, the analog stick’s performance was pretty well assessed and to no surprise it performed really well.

Coming to the analog stick’s sensitivity, I didn’t find the need to manually fiddle with the controller’s deadzone shape settings and it worked pretty well in default settings. In games like Rocket League, a slight difference in the deadzone settings might affect in game performance considerably, and thankfully I had no issues while playing the game with the deadzone settings at default.

The vibration feature in the controller is supported by all the games (which support the vibration feature) we tried and it does it’s job decently. For people who are into old school games, the D-Pad’s 8 direction usability is pretty helpful. Finally, coming to the setting up of the controller. Unlike some other controllers in the market, one would find no need to manually download Xbox Controller drivers to get the controller properly calibrated, and Windows and all games automatically detected it as a Xbox 360 controller by default.


The Rapoo V600 is a pretty solid product for it’s price range. Comfortability, ergonomics, and extra features, the V600 doesn’t fail to tick any of the boxes and is a really worthy competitor to the more expensive Xbox One Controller. For people who aren’t willing to shell out almost 2 times more for a Xbox One controller, the V600 is undoubtedly the best choice in this price range. For people with a flexible budget, the Xbox One’s durable and sturdy build quality and design might prove to be a good addition.

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