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Choosing the right keyboard and mouse while getting a new build, or when your old peripherals get faulty can be a pretty hectic task since a good keyboard and mouse isn’t only important aesthetically, but affects one’s in-game performance too. Like most of the other peripherals, there is a wide array of choices available for buyers to choose from, so it is very much likely that one would fall into a dilemma while buying a keyboard and mouse for their setup. Rapoo has been making pretty decent budget products lately, and we were impressed with the performance of the ones we tested. The latest K2600 Wireless Keyboard also looks pretty promising, but does it live up to our expectations? Let’s find out.

Detailed Review

Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard

Design & Comfort

The Rapoo K2600 wireless keyboard comes with an inbuilt touchpad, and even though the touchpad is pretty large, the keyboard as a whole feels really compact. The K2600 is a membrane keyboard and has a tenkeyless design, which makes sense given the fact that the keyboard incorporates a tenkeyless design to accomodate the touchpad. The Rapoo K2600 also compensates dedicated function keys to make space for a few accessibility keys and keeping the keyboard as compact as possible. The touch pad doesn’t have dedicated left and right click buttons, but there there is a small division in a lower half of the touch pad which divides the area where the touchpad works as the left mouse button or the right button when tapped.

At the backside of the keyboard, there is the battery compartment along with a small space for keeping the keyboard’s USB adapter. Speaking of comfort, I’ve always faced issues while using tenkeyless keyboards because I’m used to using full-sized with wrist-rests ones since quite some time now. Surprisingly, the K2600 key placement and size, and the overall design as well is pretty good and I didn’t find myself craving for more space while using it. Design wise, the K2600 boasts a really sleek and classy look, and will definitely add a some aesthetic virtues to your build. Overall, the K2600 performs pretty decently in the design and comfort department, and I didn’t find any flaws as such.

Performance & Features

Like the other products we reviewed till now, the K2600 also comes without a dedicated software, but its exclusion is justified given the fact that the keyboard doesn’t have any of the features that need a dedicated software to be controlled. There are a number of dedicated accessibility and a number of multimedia keys which are bundled up with the function keys. The keyboard does lack macro keys, but given that this is not a gaming keyboard, the multimedia and accessibility keys are pretty much sufficient.

The keyboard didn’t disappoint in the performance department as well. The touchpad, and the rest of the keyboard itself is pretty efficient and we were really impressed with the keyboard’s and especially the touchpad’s performance. While I do think the key placement is a bit clustered, and that causes some accidental taps, its pretty much insignificant. I averaged around 85 words per minute while typing on the K2600, and that is probably due to the fact that I’m used to a full-sized mechanical keyboards. The keyboard is pretty much responsive, and we didn’t face any issues while playing a number of fast-paced games with it including CS:GO, Rocket League and Rainbow Six Siege.

Speaking of the touchpad, the touchpad performs pretty decently as well. We didn’t have to download any drivers as such for setting it up, and just plugging in the adapter made it ready to use. Like the rest of the keyboard, the touchpad is pretty responsive as well. The most striking feature of the touchpad is that it supports a number of gestures apart from the basic scrolling and panning gestures which are pretty common with touchpads.


The K2600 is one of the best wireless keyboard available in the market right now, and the dedicated touch pad is an icing on the cake. The keyboard is a perfect replacement for one’s laptop keyboard/touchpad and one can use it on PC as well if they want to use a touchpad. The keyboard will also prove to be really handy for people who like to surf on their PC while connected to a TV and is undoubtedly the perfect couch keyboard. However, if you are looking for a keyboard gaming, the K2600 isn’t the right choice, since the touchpad, and the keyboard’s design as a whole is neither meant nor fit for gaming.

    1. Hey Akshat, the keyboard does not have an inbuilt rechargeable battery. Instead, it comes with 2 replaceable batteries which didn’t run out for the duration of the review and the time the keyboard was with us, which was about 3 months. We estimate, those batteries to last close to a year before you would have to replace them.

    one fnction is missing
    caps lock on LED light signal is missing on board. As its always seen in other board.

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