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Rainbow Six Siege Shows Off Thatcher’s Backstory and Team Rainbow’s Visionary New Leader “Harry” in “The Hammer and the Scalpel”

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A new CGI trailer released during the Rainbow Six Invitational shows off some backstory for Thatcher, one of SAS’s (and Rainbow’s) finest operatives. Mike ‘Thatcher’ Baker is seen having a conflict with hacker specialist Grace ‘Dokkaebi’ Nam over the choice of approach to their objective. Dokkaebi approaches Harry, the new leader of Rainbow Six, who tells her a story from Thatcher’s past, where Thatcher beats up three guys to whom his brother Paulie owed money. The trailer ends with showing the new “Six”, Team Rainbow’s new leader, who asks Dokkaebi to call him “Harry”.

                             The trailer not only establishes Thatcher as an operative who can channel his anger into raw strength and use it on the battlefield, it also lays the foundation for a change of helm for Team Rainbow. Aurelia ‘Six’ Arnot, who gathered a bunch of skilled military personnel from around the globe to help fight back global terrorism, had accepted a position at the US State Department, leaving her mentor and advisor Harishva ‘Harry’ Pandey in charge of Team Rainbow. Harry was the man diversifying the personnel in Rainbow so that the team is well-equipped to fight all “asymmetrical and emerging technological threats”, and with him in charge, the team proposes to be at their best in its fourth year since launch.

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