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New restrictions have apparently been imposed by Tencent Games on all PUBG Mobile players in India. The game will now be restricted to only 6 hours of play time in the country. Players will be shown a warning after 2 and 4 hours respectively before the six hour limit is reached. The changes may take some time to take effect and fully apply to all players in the country.

                                 The restrictions from Tencent come after the game had been banned in Rajkot, Gujarat, following which many arrests have been made by the police. Similar restrictions have been decided upon in other metros also in an effort to keep gaming addiction in check. Earlier, the Chinese government had also banned PUBG mobile for all players under the age of 13.

                                         Tencent hasn’t yet come up with an official statement regarding the same. The article will be updated as soon as an official statement on the current situation is made available.

  1. This is the most stupidest action our government can come up with. Age restrictions are fine but this is just not acceptable.

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