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Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Duke 3D, Blood, Shadow Warrior. One thing binds all of these games together, (other than the fact that all of these were the product of the 90’s): a badass no-nonsense approach to gameplay. Back then, the story and the narrative took a backseat while the fast-paced gunplay and satisfying weaponry were at the forefront of FPS design.

That brings us right into Project Warlock, a first-person shooter straight out of the 90’s. Except that it is being on the 18th of this year and the guy who developed it was born in 1999. But before letting that sink in, let’s look at what Project Warlock is all about.

As you can see from the trailer itself, Project Warlock is a 90’s FPS at heart, inspired by Doom, Duke 3D, Hexen, Blood and is being developed by the aptly named Buckshot Software. It boasts 60 handcrafted levels spread apart in 5 worlds, 72 enemies, 38 weapons, 8 spells, and 12 perks. That’s a whole lot of content right there.

It’s also going to be a timed GOG exclusive. We have no doubt that Project Warlock will fit right in among the impressive classic FPS library over at GOG. So head on over there, wishlist the game and (im)patiently wait for the release.

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