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French independent studio DigixArt is happy to announce that the procedural road-trip adventure Road 96 is out today on Nintendo Switch, Steam, GOG and Epic Game Store  at the meaningful price of 19.96 USD | EUR .

Road 96 will be also available as part of the Hitchhiker bundle, together with the OST featuring 9 artists and an original Game eBook containing the key stories from 10 years before the events happening in the game. The bundle will be available at a price of 29.91 USD | EUR, saving 25% of the cost .

Road 96 is a procedural ever-evolving story-driven adventure game with survival elements in which players must escape a country ruled by an authoritarian regime that’s on the brink of collapse. Road 96 has an ever-evolving story that unveils more and more on each run to escape the country, inspired by road trip movies from the 90s from directors like Tarantino, The Coen Brothers and Bong Joon-ho. The game soundtrack features tracks from bands like Survive (Stranger Things).

Discover the “choose your own adventure eBook” ROAD 96: PROLOGUE

“John, Alex, Sonya, Jarod… The characters in Road 96 all seem haunted by their past, it seemed obvious to us that it was this past that we had to write down. As for the format of the Choose your own adventure book, what better way to capture the 90s spirit and procedural storytelling of the game on paper?” – Pierre Corbinais (author of Road 96: Prologue)

“With Pierre we wanted to recreate a choose your own adventure book as it is really close to the structure of Road 96, moreover the events of the book are the source for everything that happens in the game ten years after.” – Yoan Fanise (CEO and Creative Director at DigixArt)

Road 96 represents the most ambitious project from DigixArt, headed by industry veteran Yoan Fanise (Valiant Hearts, Memories Retold). Last June, the Road 96 Steam demo was one of the 5 most downloaded at the Steam Next Fest among a total of over 700 game demos, getting a great reception amongst critics and players.

This is it, this crazy idea of making a procedural narrative game, with no creative limits for the whole studio is finally coming to players’ hands. I am excited and equally scared to discover their reactions, and moreover the comparisons of their playthroughs. Some will have 6 episodes, some 14, some may die, some may never do it. This game is about freedom, the freedom of the road trip spirit, the freedom against dictatorship, and also maybe, the freedom of indie creation.
– Yoan Fanise, CEO and Creative Director at DigixArt

Check out the Twitter account to find the latest news about the game or join the Discord here.

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