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If you’re used to shopping online for digital keys for video games, then chances are there that you have come across Green Man Gaming. It is one of the most popular legitimate third-party sellers for keys, with frequent sales to spread the holiday cheer. Cheap keys may be good for the customers, but apparently, all’s not well with the employees for the company.

              Many aggrieved employees decided to take their grievances to Glassdoor, where the company’s “Employee Reviews” section was overflowing with a large number of complaints by employees. Green Man Gaming’s CEO replied to each and every negative review for damage control without giving any reassurance about handling the issues the employees are going through.

                                           The Glassdoor reviews reflect that the management neglects the needs of the employees, and frequent layoffs have been the order of the day, leaving those who decided to stay behind worrying about maintaining their jobs. The worst reviews indicate that the death of a long-term employee due to a grave illness didn’t have any effect on the management, who decided to carry on like nothing ever happened.

                                                                                                                    Trustpilot does suggest that the keys sold by Green Man Gaming are legitimate, but there seem to be the occasional problem of region locking, as well as their policy of “no refunds” getting in the way of the customer’s experience. I personally have purchased keys many a time from them, but none of them had any issue, but that’s probably because I only ever bought anything that I truly needed, and never had to contact their support for refunds.

                                                                                                                   Would it truly be the time for customers and employees both to ditch Green Man Gaming and move on?

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