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Earlier today, the official YouTube channel for PlayStation uploaded an in-engine gameplay footage of BioWare’s upcoming sci-fi game Anthem which is actually a footage shown at Microsoft’s E3 briefing running on Xbox One X.

Eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed that the footage uploaded is the same as shown during Xbox’s press conference and has awkwardly photoshopped PS4 buttons overlay. So, what does it mean? Anthem on Xbox One X could run on PS4 Pro with same graphical fidelity? Well, no.

It seems like whoever is handling PlayStation’s YouTube account could be a very lazy dude. Well, most of the time game devs provides the same trailer or gameplay footage to different console manufacturers. While generating a new trailer each time for a specific console doesn’t sound good. So, I assume whoever is in-charge of the channel simply pulled that footage from Xbox’s YouTube channel and uploaded it saying “This is how it runs on PS4 Pro! Ta da!”. However, fans are nothing less than Sherlock Holmes nowadays.

Although, Sony removed the video, you can see the photoshopped PS4 buttons in the screenshot below:

It’s a bit funny seeing a big console giant stealing video that shows what their console can’t do. Though, this mistake is pretty nasty considering all of us are aware of it now.

Sony seems quite and choose rather not to talk about it.

(Source: Eurogamer)

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