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OK, now this must be the news of the day, surely. I will not say that I totally believe this, but as per the mentioned date and location, the PlayStation Network might be making it’s way to the PC.

I saw this news on two sites- A French site called GameKult and a German site called PlayFront and they suggest that the service might be coming to PC and is currently only in the hands of Beta testers. If this is true, PC gamers will also have access to all the games offered by the service which include around 300-400 games and I’m not sure about which games are there, but it seems some of the big names like Uncharted, Infamous, God of War etc are in that list. The service requires a system with Windows 7, a compatible controller and a recommended 5 Mbps internet service. The service will supposedly be available in Belgium, Netherlands and UK by 23 August and a week later in USA and Canada.

Update: This rumour is also up on VG247.

I know U4 is not on the list, but this going to PS fanboys’ expression

If this is true, it is a very big surprise and an addition to the ever growing PC library. Currently the service only offers PS3 titles, but Sony has said that they will be adding PS1, PS2 and PS4 titles eventually. This is a good business move by Sony, because looking at how Microsoft is trying to breach the PC market, it’ll be difficult to combat them if they establish themselves in the PC segment, so before that happens Sony is trying to also compete for it , if the report is true. Also Sony is actually only staying afloat due to the PS brand, and hence such moves are not surprising. So basically both the console manufacturers will be opening their doors to the PC market, adding potentially millions of gamers.

Yup, there will be hate to this shown by the PS fanboys, because just like MS fanboys were scrutinizing MS over porting their games to the PCs, fanboys need to keep fighting over the exclusive games to keep the console wars relevant, but that will be the vocal minority. Those who are really into gaming will move ahead and still be happy with the games they play.

Personally, being a PC gamer, I’ve never been a fan of subscriptions for getting games and I’m personally not interested in the games, but for those who always wanted to taste the PlayStation side of things, this is great news. Anyways, let us know in the comments below what you think about this move by Sony. Adios amigos.

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