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Nowadays its become a formality to release  stats or infographics of beta of a particular game. Then why isn’t The Division on the list?…..because it is now.

According to a new infographic released by Ubisoft, the beta players have played the game for about 10 million hours, in which one of the agent manages to play it for about 90 hours (he played the hell out of it).

About 6.9 million battles has taken place which have costs the life of about 298,031,224 people. Nearly 15 billion shots was fired and 9.3 million grenades was thrown.

Dark Zone was surely be the popular place in the game as players spent 4.3 million hours in it and during this time about 77% players played honorably while the remaining players went rogue. The infographic is down here:


It is intersecting to see these weird stats about the closed beta but it’ll be more awesome when the stats about the open beta will out. The Open Beta is starting on February 18 for Xbox One and on February 19 for PS4 and PC, more details are here. But don’t you forget the full game will be out on March 8.

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