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Atlus is now releasing a new trailer for Persona 5 and heralds the countdown to the release. Persona 5 will be released on April 4, 2017 for PlayStation4 and PlayStation3.

Persona 5 deals with the inner and outer conflicts of a group of teenagers who lead a double life. They lead the normal life of a student in Tokyo – to attend the classes, to do leisure activities and to practice secondary jobs. But they also experience fantastic adventures by invading the hearts of people with supernatural powers. This force goes from the persona, the concept of the “self” to Carl Gustav Jung. The heroes of the game recognize that society forces people to wear masks to hide their inner vulnerabilities. Only by literally snatching the masks from men and confronting them with their inner self can the heroes awaken their inner powers and use them to help those who need their help. Ultimately, the phantom thieves pursue the goal of adapting the everyday world to their imaginations and to see through the masks of modern society.


  • Persona 5 is the first part of the award-winning series after the PlayStation 2 generation.
  • Fast-paced Japanese rolling-action mechanics, exciting action sequences and a profound storyline.
  • Lively characters, enemies and environments as well as elegant interviews in anime style.
  • The soundtrack comes from the well-known composer Shoji Meguro.
  • A story that is aimed at newcomers and persona veterans alike.
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