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We have been quite enthusiastic this year around with everything related to E-sports. In pursuit of knowledge, we  ran into Cyber Gaming Entertainment who organize all-India E-sports events called Clan Wars. We had also written about their upcoming Season 5 tournament. They had offline qualifiers in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore (Also the location of their finale). The qualifiers of the prior three are over and we got a chance to talk to the winners of the Mumbai Region- Team Overcome. We had a nice chat with them and got to know a little bit more about how the world of competitive team operates.

Team Overcome

7ab7f9be-7ee5-470c-9b96-aa47327b2f20Sachin ‘pwN‘ Gaikwad


Sachin is a B. Sc Graduate by education and is a professional gamer as well since 2008. Whenever he is not gaming, he is listening to uplifting music. His love for travelling exotic places is shared with a similar passion for cricket as well. Humming songs is his favourite timepass. Some of his achievents include State level Cricket, winning a few domestic singing competitions and participation in some state level carrom championships.

Divesh ‘Monster


Divyesh has been playing CS for the last 6 years and apart from gaming he likes sports and sleeping. When he is not active on the field and not dozing off, heslikes to walk the real world instead of virtual world and likes to visit new places and explore the enticing beauty of the world.

Anuj ‘Amaterasu‘ Sharma


A graduate in animation by education and a gamer by choice, he has a knack for competition and is always ready to challenge anyone in his favourite games. He relentlessly obsseses over strategies and techniques until he is able to beat top scorers around him. Between the 4 year old first introduced to Ludo and the 25 year old chasing down real virtual enemies and obstacles, not much has changed in that respect. With talent in multiple sports like Kabaddi, Cricket, Football and Chess, he proves that gamers are not indoor species. His music choice changes with time and mood and he is a huge fan of the anime Naruto.

Aaqib ‘Bababiceps‘ Dingankar


In his first year of college as a B.Com student, when he is not gaming, he is spending his time watching Movies/ TV series especially based on crime. He is also a huge fan of anime like Bleach, One Piece and Naruto, loves to listen metal and rhythmic metal and has a good sense of humour. He is good with his hands in CS:GO, and is also fluent with his feet when it comes to football. You might find him hanging out with his friends when he is not gaming.

Vivek ‘Shabby’ Patel


Vivek is at 21 years of age and is currently into engineering. He used to play CS 1.6 and Dota, and has been playing CS GO for about 2 years now. Though he is not enthusiastic about movies he is a huge fan of the anime One Piece. He loves to roam about and and has an appreciation of exploration with friends and likes to go on long bike rides


Team Overcome is a group of awesome people, who are dedicated to gaming and are also a set of wonderful guys. We got to talk to them and got lots of insight on how the E-Sports industry works. Also, the talk shed some light on how pro players think before going into a match and what they think while in a match. We will definitely give our opinions on that, exclusively in the upcoming posts. Coming back to Team Overcome, they want India to be among the top countries in E-Sports and aim to compete internationally. This is their second tournament and they seem pretty confident, going in the finals with a positive outlook. They follow a strict practice regimen and are always trying to get better at the game. The team is well knit under the In Game Leader (IGL), Anuj and the team mates are very supportive of each other. They never underestimate opponents and give it their best every time.


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