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Recently a redditor teased us about the upcoming update on PTR


The PTR servers recently was updated with a massive update file of 4.18gb of as yet unknown what those are at the moment.
Normally a background download is automatically done for an update when it is not out on live servers yet, 4.18gb sounds more than a patch of nerfs and buffs of certain Hero in Overwatch.


Moving on to the upcoming buffs and nerfs of Junkrat
As everyone yammers off about Doomfist and Zarya’s ult buff made unescapable for Genji and Tracer.
It sure looks like our Australian maniac bomber got left behind, but all of that is about to change per principal designer Geoff goodman which will make him viable and mobile.

This is pretty close to what we’re trying with him and what will be likely be on the PTR when it comes back up. Currently on our internal builds junkrat has 2 concussion mine. This allows you to do all kinds of cool stuffs like launch yourself into a fight and still have a charge to escape with or launch yourself up into a pharah and still have charge to try and kill her with. Previously this was possible before had you to plant one on the ground and then wait for the cooldown to comeback before doing this. That is still possible, which allows for a triple jump now if you want/need that, but now it is more reliable to do with 2. It has been a ton of fun to play with so far.~ Geoff Goodman

The biggest change Junkrat got was way back in march, where he was invulnerable to his own blasts. With these changes live on all live servers Junkrat can get fast and closer to his intended victims , alternatively he can close in , and fire off an explosive in an unwitting player’s face, then jump right out to safety, as he spreads salt by laying down beartraps .

That’s not the end of it , as he also gets a massive ultimate buff to his “RIP-TIRE”
Geoff Goodman says that the Overwatch team is experimenting with either movement or the health of the tire, meaning either way its hard to get away from the tire or its going to take a lil more time to kill it.
Will this upcoming buff break the dive comp? either way lets hope it does
As one of Overwatch’s famous criminal gets a chance to be reek havoc and spread salt in competitive

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