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Video game is a stream which keeps on evolving itself. As far as video games go,Operation Overmatch is rather unremarkable. Operation Overmatch is an online, multi-player game designed to improve combat effectiveness and shape the future force through soldier feedback and human behavior data analysis. Players including Soldiers, research personnel, and leaders can configure future concepts of vehicles and equipment, perform missions, and complete objectives in a virtual complex operational environment. Players command military vehicles in eight-on-eight matches against the backdrop of rendered Cityscapes – a typical setup of games that occasionally have the additional standpoint of hundreds of millions of dollars in development budgets. The game’s developers believe it will bring a change in the way how U.S. Army fights wars.

Overmatch’s players are nearly all real life soldiers. The game focuses on how they develop tactics and strategies around futuristic weapons and utilize them in online battles against peers, the game will keep a track of their actions. Each shot fired and decision made, in addition to messages the players write in the private forums, is a bit of information covered up with a frequency not found in actual combat, or even in powerful simulations without a wide network of players. The data is logged, sorted, and then investigated, using insights from sports and commercial video games. Overmatch’s team hopes this data will inform the Army’s decisions about which technologies to purchase and how to develop strategies using them, with the main goal of building a more ground breaking, prepared force.

While the game currently has a player base of nearly 1,000 recruited by word of mouth and promotions from the Overmatch team, the developers eventually want to involve tens of thousands of soldiers which will make the game more effective. This milestone would take into consideration millions of hours of game play per year, according to project estimates, enough to generate rigorous data sets and test speculations. Operation Overmatch is, in the muted wording of the Department of Defense, an “early synthetic prototyping” effort.

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