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Members of Rainbow Six, rejoice, for two new operators join your ranks! They are skilled in crowd control tactics, and can go to any lengths to get what they need. Enter Clash, an operator whose main weapon is not a gun, but a shield – a shield that you can’t bypass easily. With the perfect operators to back you up, just set up the shield and push for ground lost to the enemy breachers. The shield is equipped to give electric shocks that steadily damage opponents within direct range over time. The second operator to be added is Maverick, a skilled breacher who uses a blowtorch to burn holes in wooden barricades, and get through to the enemy, or just enough to get a shot at the enemy inside.

Operation Grim Sky adds Clash and Maverick to the game, and adds some balance changes for existing operators. The update also changes Hereford Base so that it is more balanced for both attackers and defenders. Some small bug fixes accompany the various balancing changes too.

Operation Grim Sky is now available for play, and anyone having access to the Year 3 pass can test out Maverick and Clash in the main game servers. For everyone else, you need to wait one week to blow your hard-earned Renown and get yourself some sweet new operators.


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