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Obsidian Entertainment, the iconic RPG studio announced the unveiling of its next role-playing game, which is set to be published by Take-Two Interactive’s Private Division, during the Game Awards next week.

The to be announced RPG is spearheaded by industry veterans Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarski, renowned for their work in the original Fallout, Arcanum and Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines.  The teasing comes in the shape of a couple of faux ads on the Obsidian website, one for Auntie Cleo’s (general goods or cosmetic store) and one for Spacer’s Choice (gun shop) with some dandy retro music playing at the background.

From the look of the art and ads, the RPG seems to be based on a retro sci-fi setting and we’re definitely getting some Bioshock or Arcanum vibes here. While it is definitely not Fallout or Arcanum related, but it “would appeal to those types of gamers.” Some time ago, Obsidian trademarked something called The Outer Worlds and Sci-Fi was used to describe it. Also, Obsidian was hiring for people experienced in shooters and Unreal Engine 4. Chances are that these probably have something to do with this new game.

The game will be published by Take Two’s new division, so quite possibly it will be Obsidian’s last multiplatform game. They have been bought by Microsoft for those who didn’t know.

While we don’t know much about this new RPG, the fact that Cain and Boyarski is working on it is definitely a positive sign. Sci-Fi is something Obsidian haven’t tackled for a long time, so it will be interesting to see where this leads.

We’ll update you as we learn more.

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