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Streaming games is not a new concept and quite a considerable amount of people use In-Home streaming to play various games across various devices. Streaming games through the internet is something that is relatively a new concept and with the introduction of PS Now it has been brought into the main stream market.

Nvidia today announced the launch of its GeForce Now platform for PCs during its CES keynote tonight.

This is a move on Nvidia’s behalf for those who can’t play modern titles and are stuck with old hardware due to financial issues. Basically it will be a PC on demand and quite like PS Now which streams games directly from a PS3, this service will be basically streaming from a High End Gaming PC.

GeForce Now will be available in March for $25 dollars for 20 hours of play. Now, that price is one hefty deal. As far as I know PS Now costs about 20$ a month and, and this is downright costly. Also let’s not forget the quality of bandwidth required to play games from a gaming PC. I mean PS Now which streams from a PS3 requires 5 Mbps and with a PC doing the streaming I am pretty sure it’ll be much more considering the higher resolution and better textures. I can’t help but think that nvidia came up with this a bit too early for the consumers.

Nvidia itself has also used the GeForce Now brand before. Until now, though, it was all about streaming games from  your own PC — not one that lives in the cloud.

We have not used this service yet and don’t plan to any time soon, but for those of you wanting to play games on a PC without having a good gaming PC, this might be a good opportunity, depending on your broadband bandwidth, but I am pretty sure this service will be almost useless in India where the average net speed is around 2 Mbps which can’t even handle PS Now. So what do you guys living outside India think? I am pretty sure this is a no-no for many gamers but those of you who might be interested, let us know why so in the comments below.

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