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NVIDIA today officially announced the RTX 2060, the budget GPU of the Turing series. Built with the power of RTX, the 2060 will have the same capabilities as the other Turing graphics cards.

The RTX 2060 features special RTX cores and tensor cores suited for various applications including ray tracing and AI capabilities. The RTX 2060 is claimed to be 60% faster than its Pascal predecessor, the GTX 1060, having the computing power equivalent to that of a GTX 1070Ti.

The RTX 2060 features 1920 CUDA cores and 240 tensor cores and 37 RTX cores. It comes with a base clock of 1365 MHz and with a boosted clock of 1680 MHz. Like its successors, the 2070 and 2080, the 2060 features the Turing architecture, with a memory width of 192 bit, a memory bandwidth of 336 GB/s with a capacity of 6GB DDR6. An impressive ray tracing performance of 5 Gigarays per second, as well as 52 TFlops of ray processing power add to the impressive features of the 2060.

The RTX 2060 features a major upgrade of the core streaming multiprocessor to more efficiently handle the compute-heavy workloads of modern games. It supports concurrent execution of floating point and integer operations, adaptive shading technology and a new unified memory architecture with twice the cache of its predecessor. Modern games can utilize these features to achieve up to 2x the performance of the GTX 1060 GPU.

An additional feature includes support for DLSS. DLSS leverages a deep neural network to extract multidimensional features of the rendered scene and intelligently combine details from multiple frames to construct a high-quality final image. The result is a clear, crisp image with similar quality as traditional rendering, but with higher performance. A new method for image sharpening, DLSS offers even sharper images than TXAA, another last gen NVIDIA patented image sharpening technique.

The 2060 will be available with all major OEMs, system builder, and graphics card partner starting January 15. The 2060 comes with a price of $349 out of the box for the FE version. In India, the FE version is priced at 31000 INR.

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