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Nioh is coming out in February next year, exclusive to the PS4 and is shaping up to be a game that is as challenging and punishing as Dark Souls. There have been ongoing demos of the Beta and the results of the survey of the overall impression of the game are out. It seems that the demo got a lot of things right, particularly the gameplay aspect, which is the most important. This is sure to kick up the excitement for the game a bit, because the general views on the demo of the game game are highly positive. I’ll leave you all the data below from their blog below:

Thank you to all who played the Nioh Beta Demo!
We also appreciate the tons of valuable feedback many of you also gave through our online survey. The dev team has read through the feedback and is coming up with improvements to make the final game even better.

In addition, it is safe to delete the Nioh Beta Demo game data and save data. Deleting these data will not affect the Mark of the Conqueror and the Mark of the Warrior.
Regarding the inquires we received regarding Nioh’s Mark of Conqueror (North America only), once you redeemed the mark, you will be able to receive the bonuses with the full version of the game regardless of it being in the PS4 library or not.



• Fine tune the game balance and pace
• Adjust RPG elements such as player growth and armor parameters

• Further improvements to clarify the interface and make it easier to use


■ Tutorials
• Implement a training stage for tutorials on basic controls and core game actions.
■ Action & Controls
• Revise the TPS controls
• Add and adjust samurai skills
• Adjust the player damage/defeat
• Adjust the methods and performance of lowering the enemy stamina
• Adjust the weight and agility of armor
■ Level Design/Stages
• Adjust position of enemies including the Twilight Missions
• Adjust enemy detection issues
• Adjust collision such as dropping edges

■ Enemies
• Adjust strength and attack power of enemies
• Adjust the AI tracking ability and groupthink
• Add Boss attack variations in the Twilight Missions
• Revise superarmor (stagger/no stagger) and homing abilities

• Expand the maximum number of items (overall and per item)
• Adjust the amount of armor items dropped
• Expand the functions of the Blacksmith, adjust the requirements of Re-Forge and Soul Match
• Implement items when player level is reset
• Revise each type of reward

■ UI
• Improve each type of interface and usability
• Expand the tutorial

■ Camera
• Improve camera behavior in areas of bad visibility and inclines
• Add the ON/OFF option for camera autocorrect

■ Online
• Adjust Revenant drops
• Improve the enemy attack behavior during co-op play
• Fix enemy transparency bugs
• Allow movies to be skipped after the Boss is obliterated in co-op play

■ Other
• Stabilize the frame rate of image optimization
• Fix various problems and bugs

As you can see above, the general impressions of the game are pretty good, except for the UI part which is not much of a concern and can be changed easily. I’m pretty excited for this game. What do you guys think about Nioh if you played the beta (Even if you have not played it)? Let us know in the comments below.
Source: Team Ninja site.
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