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Nimble Giant Releases Saibot Studio’s Hellbound Demo to Help FPS Fans Satiate Their Thirst for Demons, Blood, Gore And Metal!

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Devastated that Doom’s launch date has moved? Have no fear! Saibot Studios, together with publisher Nimble Giant, is launching a brand new demo for Hellbound today, so you can get your frantic, blood-soaked first person shooter fix anyway! Created in homage to the 90s FPS classics such as  Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D and Blood (amongst others), Hellbound focuses on action, speed and gore as you fight against hordes of enemies who have taken over a distant planet.

In this demo, get ready for your first taste of Hellbound. You will visit the Unholy Lands of Hell, a forgotten place that was sacred once. Now, just another rotten refuge for evil. Let’s make those demons pay respect to our Ancestors!

  • Play as Hellgore, the Ultimate Demon Smashing Badass.
  • Experience one of the early episodes of the Hellbound single player campaign.
  • Discover Hellgore ́s arsenal including the Infamous Indolora and the monstrous Triple Shotgun.
  • Succumb to the relentless Old-School FPS gameplay presented in glorious (and Gory) High-End Graphics.

To download the Hellbound demo, visit:
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The full version of Hellbound is coming to Steam in 2020.

About Nimble Giant
An 18-year veteran video game developer and publisher headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nimble Giant’s core business as an experienced PC and Console developer has allowed them to focus on both high end work for hire projects as well as developing and publishing their own IP. Their first self-published MMO, Champions of Regnum, was a huge hit in the LATAM market when it was released in 2007 as was the Master of Orion reboot which was published by Wargaming in 2016. In all they have worked on over 30 released titles to date with many more to come.

About Saibot Studios
Saibot Studios is a seasoned independent game development house based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With a strong passion to make the kind of games they love to play, the studio is focused on creating high-end, first person experiences such as the Doorways Saga (Survival Horror)  and Hellbound (Old School FPS).

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