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Nightdive releases SiN Gold as a free upgrade to owners of base game, announces remaster in development

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The good folks over at Nightdive Studios have released a ‘Gold’ upgrade for the Ritual’s cult classic FPS SiN, which adds its expansion ‘Wages of SiN’ to the release as well as bring numerous enhancements and fixes. The update is free for all owners of the base game on STEAM and GOG. Nightdive has also released a trailer to celebrate this occasion:

Moreover, Nightdive has announced that a full remaster is in development. Running on the KEX Engine that powered their previous remasters, SiN Remastered is expected to be out in late 2020 or early 2021.

Here is the complete changelog for SiN gold:


  • Added 2015’s “Wages of SiN” expansion
  • Added modernized Steam master server support
  • Added and restored editing SDK
  • Added support for additional 16:9 video resolutions
  • Restored/uncensored various original game assets

General Improvements

  • Optimizations to math, container types, and search algorithms
  • Restored support for *.sin pack files, re-packed assets
  • Removed obsolete IPX networking support
  • Restored original sound and music engine
  • Changed video format to open-source/patent-free OGV/Theora


  • Fixed crash in Docks cinematic
  • Fixed incorrect behavior in Thug AI
  • Fixed undefined camera position and occasional crash in Wages of SiN ending cinematic
  • r_palettemode cvar for software mode now reads and writes correct configuration variable
  • Fixed memory corruption issue during multiplayer initialization
  • cl_maxfps default changed to 200 to avoid issues with game running too fast
  • Repaired issue with extremely loud sounds on menu screens when FPS is too high
  • Fixed possible soft lock when using menu hotkeys while inside an in-game computer console
  • Restored missing assets for Beecadrone enemy

SiN Gold is on sale at the moment and seems like a good time to have a blast from the past.

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