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ractured State marches forward in development showcasing a host of new improvements and introduces the Laperian Sharpshooter along with the Children of the Ancients new Fanatic unit in its latest update.

Fractured State is on Steam Early Access and other major digital distribution channels. Celebrate the new update with us by grabbing it at a 50% discount for a limited time.

Each unit type has their own unique skillsets that set them apart from each other and provide many offensive and defensive strategic opportunities. To this end, each faction is comprised of vastly different unit abilities from each other making for lots of tactical scenarios players can devise.

Joining the ranks of the Flamethrower, Conscript, Surgeon and Grenadier for the Laperian Army is the Sharpshooter. This long-range weapons specialist can deploy his rifle giving the player the ability to align shots at opposing players from a distance.

The Children of the Ancients welcome the most zealous followers, the Fanatic, into their fold. These units posses mythical abilities that enable them to launch an astral projection into a group of enemy combatants or confuse opposing forces to turn on themselves.


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