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Two accessory makers, the Germany based Snakebyte and Hyperkin from California have unveiled new accessories for the Nintendo Switch. Snakebyte’s offerings include a foldable headset (with 40 mm drivers) which the company claims to provide high quality audio for gaming and a special Nintendo Switch Starter Kit, featuring a  variety of stuff like earphones, a cleaning cloth, screen protector (for the handheld;s screen), Control Caps (which are basically thumbstick protectors), game cases and a carry bag to take the system around. They also announced a power adapter and a 9.8 feet long gamepad extension cable for Nintendo’s NES Classic (a modern mini version of their popular retro system that comes with 30 NES games); sadly the system has been a target to scalpers and its pretty much impossible to buy one in stores now.

Hyperkin has also announced similar accessories of their own including various charging adapters, screen protector, carry case and even a travel bag.

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