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Microsoft has been making its move in the gaming market with its aggressive subscription service – the Xbox Game Pass. The Xbox Game Pass gives access to a vast library of games that can be played without having to pay for each individual title. Having a cost-effective option allows gamers to experience a vast number of titles for a very nominal price. The Xbox Game Pass completely changed the scenario of video game subscription services in the West, allowing more developers to come out with their own subscription services. Despite that, the monthly subscription price in India was high – reducing the number of concurrent subscriptions that people have. With the recent announcement – things might change in the coming future.

The monthly price of Game Pass Ultimate has been slashed to 489 INR from 699 INR monthly. If you’re only subscribed to Games Pass PC or Games Pass Console, then your monthly subscription will be reduced to 349 INR from 499 INR. Overall, prices seem to have been cut by almost 30% across the board for all subscriptions. Prices have been adjusted for a period of 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year accordingly (since the Reserve Bank of India does not allow recurring payments for subscriptions anymore). The cost of all subscriptions can be viewed below:-

Xbox Game Pass pricing has been slashed across the board

Most Xbox fans were of the opinion that Microsoft does not give importance to India since it is not a very big market for its products. The launch of a new server in the country for its video gaming segment as well as the reduction in the cost of the Xbox Game Pass might make people reconsider their words.

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