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InXile Entertainment has announced that the first three Bard’s Tale games will be remastered as part of the Kickstarter rewards for The Bard’s Tale IV. The remaster will be handled by Krome Studios.

Their goals for the Trilogy remaster are:

  • Up-res the original art, but keep the art in theme with the originals and animate them.
  • Add in various audio throughout the games for attacks, spells, and more.
  • Add some quality of life improvements, such as the automap, tooltip popups in the UI, etc.

You can see the screenshot comparisons between the vanilla and the remastered versions below.

Lindsay Parmenter, Head of Development at Krome had this to say;

“After some casual conversations with the inXile team, the opportunity came up to put something together that we think will be really great for the Trilogy remaster. Not only are we updating the games to work natively on modern systems, but we’re also putting on a fresh coat of paint, to give a new generation of role-playing and dungeon-crawling fans an easier opportunity to experience these classic games.”

The remaster of the classic Interplay dungeon crawlers was originally being done at Olde Skuul, but the deal soon fell apart. The entire remastered trilogy will be made available to backers via your CrowdOx rewards. There is also a chance of seeing a standalone release of the remastered trilogy.

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