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A real journey through time – forget about modern reimaginings of boomer shooters and play the original. Chasm: The Rift, the cult classic FPS from 1997, is back and for the first time it’s available on consoles with all the quality of life tweaks a modern gamer needs. So grab your controller and close those time corridors!

Publisher SNEG brings back the original Chasm: The Rift to Xbox One, Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and 5 and Nintendo Switch. Experience the original boomer shooter with full 4K support on current gen consoles and controls adapted for modern gamepads on all platforms (including the Steam Deck) including gyro aiming on Sony’s and Nintendo’s hardware. PS5 players will enjoy all the benefits of using a dual sense controller including HD vibrations (also on the Switch) and adaptive triggers. Quality of life features added to the game include improved character control, crosshair customization and difficulty scaling to mention a few.

In Chasm: The Rift you play as a part of a special commando unit found in a bizarre place – feeling you are no longer alone, you turn, with just enough time to shoot, killing the mutation charging mercilessly toward you. You begin to sense an eerie feeling of fear in the air, but your skin crawls as you realize it’s your own…What was that thing?

Again and again you shoot, battling more strange beasts; all grotesque mutations of creatures you once knew. Suddenly the inexplicable becomes clear. Time channels have formed in the Earth’s atmosphere, turning once normal life forms into something they were never meant to be. You must not only ward off and eradicate the beasts, but destroy the time channels to finally rid the Earth of these deadly mutations.

Main game features:
💥 The classic returns – forget about modern boomer shooters and play the real thing. Either you have fond memories of the fast-paced combat or you always wanted to try out this nineties gem – now is the time to enjoy Chasm: The Rift from the comfort of your couch (or wherever you play on portable hardware)
💥 The original boomer shooter for a modern player – Enhanced graphics with full 4K support, improved sound design, full gamepad controls, achievements and 12 language versions with the same old-school gameplay
💥 They had this in 1997? – Remember when we said you will be cutting monsters limb by limb? We meant it literally. You will blow off monsters’ limbs even as they continue to attack with remaining appendages – don’t hesitate to put them out of their misery. You’ll be doing everyone a favor
💥 Tools of trade – Awesome array of weapons, including unique Blade Gun. Forget a normal shotgun in Chasm: The Rift you’ll play with a Super shotgun. Not to mention the “Mega Destroyer” – don’t leave it to your imagination to know what it does and try it out!
💥 More meat! – the developers appreciate the dedication of the fans, which is why the PC version gets full mod support. Check out our Steam page to know, how you can contribute.

Chasm: The Rift is available today on Xbox One, Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and 5 and Nintendo Switch in each platform’s respective digital storefront for 19,99 USD. PC players can try out the game on Steam (now with Steam Deck controls) and GOG.com.

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