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Become a Master Illuminator. Unleash the power of the Living Ink to summon and command armies of creatures through the battlefields of medieval manuscripts.

Rabbits riding dogs, knights fighting snails and donkeys playing instruments with their butts. Explore the amazing life of marginal art and rediscover the medieval sense of humour in the latest game by the Polish studio Yaza Games.

Each player starts their journey as a beginner illuminator from an elite group called Inkulinati. In order to gain experience and upgrade their workshop, they take duels with other adepts of the secret art of illumination. They discover new units, hand actions, strategies and combinations. Everything leads to The Highest Master – one needs to defeat him to become the best Inkulinati in history.

Gameplay in Inkulinati

  • “Easy to learn” approach. Turn-based strategy game for everyone.
  • Replayability. Thanks to the large number of units and hand actions, the player can finish the game in many different ways, discovering new strategies and combinations.
  • Unique atmosphere. Mechanics and visuals strongly based on the world of marginalia of the medieval manuscripts create a unique atmosphere.
  • Humorous gameplay. The game can attract both strategy fans and people who are looking for a sense of humour or… a bit of madness.
  • Key features 

    • Unique setting. Medieval marginalia are the source of endless inspiration, amazing creativity and a tint of madness.
    • Turn-based strategy bursting with eccentric humour. Besides attacking you can sing, bark, purr or play a trumpet with your bum – everything to gain advantage over your opponent.
    • Special actions performed by the illuminator. Use your fists to smash your opponents’ troops, draw obstacles or relocate your units.
    • Living Ink. The most important resource in the game, left by defeated troops. Collect it and be sure to paint reinforcements for your army.
    • Campaign. In the campaign mode, the player will face AI-controlled adepts of illumination, who stand in the way of becoming the Master Illuminator.
    • Character development. Earn experience points with each duel to upgrade your workshop, unlock new units and actions for the illuminator’s hands.
    • Creating a story. With each battle, a story is written to celebrate all epic deeds that happen on the battlefield. You can see the story coming to life and filling the empty spaces of the manuscript.
    • Turn-based battles in hot-seat and single-player modes.
    Inkulinati is currently under development for PC, other platforms and release date TBA.
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