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Horizon Zero Dawn is a game that a lot of people enjoyed when the game first came out. People have been excited about a sequel for quite some time. It seems that Guerilla Games is only too glad to deliver. Quite a few prominent leaks suggest that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is likely to be revealed today at the PlayStation digital event.

When PlayStation Spain posted the official announcement for 11th June being the new date for the reveal, the Spanish voice actress, Michelle Jenner, tweeted out in response a gif suggesting that she was excited for the event.

Spanish voice actress for Horizon Zero Dawn excited for PlayStation digital event.

While it’s true that the event is a moment of joy for most people who want to get their hands on the games, it’s especially joyous for the people who have worked hard to build the product as it is. This tweet does solidify claims that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is likely to be shown off at today’s digital event – thus increasing the hype and expectations of the audience even more.

Note that this isn’t the first time the game had been teased to be revealed at the PlayStation digital event. The game’s developers had retweeted out the announcement of the event with the words ‘Join Us‘.

Horizon Zero Dawn developers tease the sequel, then delete tweets.

An announcement of a sequel wouldn’t be surprising. Guerilla Games lost quite a fair bit of support following the announcement for the PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn, and it seems that they are eager to make up for it.

Like all rumors, hold on for a few more hours to verify the authenticity of this leak for yourself.


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