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Zero Gravity team is excited to announce that Hellion will be ready for Steam Early Access launch on Friday, February 24, 2017. That will be the moment when players from all around the globe will have a chance to join them in the grim dystopian future of Hellion, a world that they have been patiently building, piece by piece for quite some time now.

They would like to thank you all once more for the support you’ve shown, especially during the last couple of months that have given rise to a gaming community consisting of true sci-fi fans, hard-core survival players and space adventurers.

Their goal is to create the best possible player experience. But they are also looking forward to working together with an active and creative gaming community. They believe it is right to say that Hellion’s true development will start only once all of you have joined us in Early Access. They will be open to your suggestions, so feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on their communication channels.

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