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Hearthstone’s Rastakhan’s Rumble card reveal livestream kicked off with senior Hearthstone game designer Peter Whalen and Youtuber-streamer Regiskillbin. The card reveals added some new concepts being cooked up by Blizzard to spice up the next meta. A bit of chatter, card reveals, the usual jeering from Twitch chat and some gameplay using the Mage class on the new game board summarizes the stream perfectly.

                                                                                                         The card revealed at the beginning of the stream included a neutral legendary Overkill card called Oondasta, a cute Gurubashi Chicken, and the Shaman legendary champion Zentimo.

A new Paladin epic called a New Challenger was a pretty interesting reveal. It allows you to discover a 6-cost minion and turn it into the ultimate defense, empowered by Taunt and Divine Shield. Considering the Paladin card revealed before, Time Out, which allows Paladin to become immune for a single turn, Paladin control decks can become something in the new meta.

The stream also featured some gameplay on the new Gurubashi Arena game board, where Regiskillbin used a Mage deck powered with new Rastakhan’s Rumble cards to defeat a Druid deck monitored by Chakki. The Mage deck featured the Mage loa, Jan’Alai the Dragonhawk, and the Mage spirit, Spirit of the Dragonhawk. Jan’Alai summons Ragnaros the Firelord when the player successfully deals 8 points of damage using their hero power to the enemy. Everyone playing Hearthstone before the first Standard rotation know how popular and powerful Ragnaros the Firelord was, dealing 8 damage to a random enemy at the end of every single turn for the player who summoned him. The spirit allows Mage to pull that off even faster! An odd Mage powered by Baku the Mooneater, which boosts the Mage hero power to deal 2 damage every time the hero power is used.

The spirit allows the damage to be done faster by allowing your hero power to work on adjacent targets too. Reduce your hero power cost or increase its damage with the help of modifier cards like Waterboy and Daring Fire Eater respectively.

Mage control decks with the power of the Firehawk can make a comeback in the next meta from the looks of it.

An official card reveal schedule can be found here.

It is obvious that with the new cards being introduced, the meta will be shaken up quite a bit in the coming months after the release of Rastakhan’s Rumble.

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