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Every PC gamer knows the disappointment of not getting to play the strategy part of the Halo series on the PC. In fact, most gamers were disappointed by the lack of games after Halo 2 on PC. Playing a certain portion of the game on PC, then getting detached from the storyline does suck.

Not anymore.

343 had just announced the release date for the Halo Wars Definitive Edition on PC.  Apparently, the game is supposed to release on Steam on the 20th of April (which is today)!

343 had suggested that the game has been reworked, and features better graphics, new achievements, and all the DLC created for the original game for the previous generation of consoles will be available in the Halo Wars Definitive Edition, which has now been made available for the Xbox One and the PC. What’s more, it’s available on Steam!

343’s decision to release a remastered version of the game for the PC certainly helps bring the game to a lot of PC gamers who were disappointed with a lack of a PC version of the game at the time of the original launch of the game.

Those interested can check out the trailer here:


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