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Drinkbox Studios’ Graham Smith took to PSX 2017 to talk about the studios’ upcoming Mexican folklore inspired Metroidvania, Guacamelee 2 for the PlayStation 4.

Set 7 years after the first game (that was originally for PS3 & PS Vita, then ported to Wii U, PS4, XB1 & PC), our Luchador Juan is happily married with Lupita (from the first game); however a new evil arises and Juan must stop it from causing havoc.

Visually, while the game is artistically similar to the original Guacamelee, it does get upgrades like full blown lighting effects and improved animation. Gameplay has the chicken transformations and Dimension of the Dead making a comeback (and having a larger emphasis this time around) in addition to new stuff like a hookshot ability as well as co-op play. Oh and the soundtrack is fantastic as usual (one of the major highlights of the first one) and the signature humor is here too.

We’re eagerly looking forward to this game. Are you?

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