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Rumors and leaks about the next generation NVIDIA GPUs are floating in the air, once again. This time it’s a leak from a supposed internal tester who posted about the possible benchmarks taken from Ashes of the Singularity.

It is worthy noting that the CPU used is a Core i7 7700k, a relatively strong modern CPU suitable for gaming. However despite that, the benchmarks does not seem to be too good. Both in DX11 as well as in Vulkan, the performance difference between the lowest and the highest presets barely have any difference. This seems to be a problem thanks to the lack of dedicated drivers for the card, which gives us the belief that a very early version of the card was given for testing on current drivers by an internal tester.

The numbers don’t resemble any current generation GPUs, so that’s that. However, considering the recent leaks which suggest that the next gen would be called GTX 1180, and not the GTX 2080, this leak seems to be a bit controversial. The problem accentuates because it is pretty easy to change the device ID of an existing GPU to design the “benchmark” as a leak.

Actual benchmarks for GPUs like the Titan V have leaked as early as 6 months. So it’s difficult to discount the leaks just yet.

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