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The latest update in GTA V is here, and this time its all about Team-Work. Rockstar Games has announced an Event Weekend bonanza from 3 October (starting 4 to 6pm ET) through 5 October midnight to celebrate the release of its highly-anticipated DLC, The Last Team Standing (LTS) for GTA Online.

The Last Team Standing Update introduces powerful weaponry, tactical gear, high-performance vehicles and all-new Creator features to celebrate Grand Theft Auto Online’s most high stakes mode. Today’s update features 10 new Last Team Standing Jobs spread out across Los Santos and Blaine County plus additional gameplay changes to allow for a greater range of game types and enhanced matchmaking.

Visit Ammu-nation to expand your arsenal with a pair of potent new firearms: the Heavy Shotgun delivers serious stopping power in close quarters, and the Marksman Rifle can drop targets from long range with lethal accuracy. Plus, suit up your team with new Outfits, along with new Masks, Tops, Pants, Bulletproof Helmets and more.

Rule the road with two new Motorcycles – the Shitzu Hakuchou sport bike and the LCC Innovationchopper. Or, for those with more sophisticated tastes, show off your elite style in the fiery Lampadati Furore GT.


This update also presents the launch of the Last Team Standing Creator Mode. You can now design original GTA Online Jobs in this strategic and deadly mode that pits teams against one another with no second chances. This Creator update features a new option for building even more dynamic matches across other modes – with the ability to add Rounds to Captures and Last Team Standing Jobs. Or raise the stakes by adding rounds to Rockstar Created LTS, Captures and Versus Missions. And be sure to take advantage of the new Forced Weapon setting, allowing you to limit weapons for specific options like “Snipers-Only”.

For help and tutorials on how to use Last Team Standing in the best possible way, you can check  a handy how-to PDF guide that walks you through the process of making your own LTS Jobs (you can also download a Creator how-to PDF guide for Captures here).

Rockstar have been pretty good in supporting GTA V; which has been one of the most popular games of all time. With GTA coming to the next gen console soon, it will be interesting if this content makes it onto those consoles.  Rockstar is also making headway into showing how new content should be handled with most of their updates free of cost. With their enhancements they are attracting new customers instead of milking their existing customers; which is a great way to build brand loyalty.

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