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More than three years long, Grim Dawn is still going strong. After the release of the second major expansion titled Forgotten Gods, Crate Entertainment has announced that a huge feature update for the acclaimed ARPG.

Grim Dawn is receiving a huge free feature update today which marks a significant step forward in the game’s evolution. The v1.1.4.0 update includes major improvements to the game engine which not only means significant performance gains but also enhanced skill effects and dynamic lights that really make the combat come to life.

The patch comes packed with quality of life improvements players have been asking for, including monster health bars, search functions for items and auto-looting for materials and consumables.

“We are thrilled to get this update into players’ hands. It has been a labor of love that puts Grim Dawn at the best it’s ever been”, said the developers.

For more details, stop by the official website for a preview

Grim Dawn and DLCs have collectively sold over 3 million copies, with Grim Dawn sitting at Overwhelmingly Positive recent reviews and both of its major expansions rated above 90%.

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