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Green Hell is a survival game set in the Amazon rainforest that immerses players in a challenging and intense experience. The game was developed by Creepy Jar and was released for the PlayStation 4 in 2021. Spirits of Amazonia Part Three is the final piece of the thrilling trilogy, which was released for free on December 14, 2022, for Xbox and PlayStation after its early access release on Steam

Back to the Amazonia

The base game’s story is intriguing and well-written, immersing players in the culture and mythology of the Amazon. The player’s goal is to survive in the jungle while uncovering the mysteries surrounding the death of their wife, who had been conducting research in the Amazon. The game’s narrative is not only interesting but also informative, providing players with a glimpse into the culture and beliefs of the indigenous people of the Amazon.

The Spirits of Amazonia is the prologue to the events of the main campaign. It builds upon the lore that’s present in the base campaign and as players get put on a mysterious new path by an enigmatic tribal Shaman. Jake’s journey so far has seen the introduction of new tribes, an expanded map, fearsome new weapons, dangerous new enemies, and the addition of challenging Tribal Legend quests. Now, that adventure expands once again with another new tribe, added weapons, activities, and more.

Beyond Survival

The gameplay in Green Hell is intense and challenging, requiring players to manage their health, hunger, and thirst while also defending themselves against the various dangers of the jungle. The game starts with the player stranded in the jungle with no supplies or weapons, and they must gather resources and craft tools and weapons in order to survive. The game’s day and night cycle also add to the realism and difficulty of the game, as players must be aware of the dangers that come out at night and the effects that the darkness has on their vision. The same goes for the Spirits of Amazonia as well.

It is highly recommended that you at least finish the tutorial missions in the main campaign before venturing into the wilds of this expansion. There are new enemies that are tougher than the ones featured in the main campaign but there are also new tools to increase those diminishingly low odds in your favor. There are additional modes that turn off the enemy encounters altogether but wouldn’t really recommend that. The learning curve is undeniably steep, but once you get past the odds of survivability, there’s a lot to look forward to.

And if it really gets too tough which it would, the co-op would be definitely worth checking out. In addition that the game’s open-world environment is vast and diverse, and players can discover new areas and resources as they explore the jungle. The game also features a fast travel system that allows players to quickly move around the map, which is particularly useful when trying to find specific resources or avoid dangerous creatures. 

In need of Next-Gen Upgrade

The game features incredibly detailed and realistic environments that transport players to the heart of the jungle. The lush greenery, the dense foliage, and the sparkling water all look incredibly lifelike and make the game feel incredibly immersive. The game also features excellent sound effects, which add to the realism of the game. The sound of the birds, the animals, and the wind blowing through the trees all contribute to making the game feel like a true jungle experience.

But given the limited resources on last-gen consoles, there is considerable texture popping and low draw distances. The game runs at a stable 60 frames per second in quality mode on PlayStation 5. It looks crisp but runs smoothly. A PS5 port like that of Subnautica could greatly improve the current experience with heightened Dualsense haptic feedback and possibly a 120fps performance mode. 

Real Talk

If you have played the likes of Subnautica and The Forest, Green Hell: Spirits of Amazonia is undeniably worth checking out. As for existing Green Hell players, it would be a complete no-brainer to miss out on this freebie. While the story can be a bit of a mixed bag when compared to the original campaign, the great sense of exploration and survivability still remains intact at its core. As for newcomers, if you are a fan of survival games and looking for an intense and challenging experience, look no further than this.

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