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With the aim of elevating the gaming experience of players to unprecedented heights through their high-end, professional-grade gaming products, USA-based Glorious Gaming, a leading lifestyle gaming company has officially set foot in the Indian market. The company aims to revolutionize the gaming hardware sector by introducing Gaming Keyboards, Mice, Mousepads, and other accessories to combine performance, quality, and design at affordable prices.

Glorious Gaming’s entry into India will significantly boost the country’s thriving gaming community. As gaming continues to rapidly grow in terms of player base as well as revenue generation, the state-of-the-art products of Glorious Gaming will provide a seamless experience to gamers that will improve their performances and enable them to unleash their true gaming potential not just inside their house but also in tournaments.

Think 24 India, a subsidiary of IT distributor WB Technologies based in Kuwait, will be the authorised distributor of Glorious Gaming hardware in India. Being a well-renowned name within the gaming distributors’ circuit, Think 24 India has a rich portfolio of distributing the best gaming accessories from top-notch brands that fulfil all gamers’ requirements.

Sharing his thoughts on bringing the exemplary gaming products of Glorious Gaming in India, B N Subramani, Business Development Manager at Think 24 Trading India Pvt. Ltd. commented, “We are thrilled to partner with Glorious Gaming and bring their exceptional products to the passionate and ever-growing gaming community of India. Being the official distributors, our mission is to empower gamers with the finest gaming peripherals that blend performance and design seamlessly. By offering such a diverse range of globally acclaimed gaming products, we want to tap into the huge gaming market of the nation and enhance its performance with cutting-edge technology, and immersive design.”

Glorious Gaming will be launching an impressive lineup of high-performance gaming gear such as its award-winning Glorious Mechanical Keyboards. Equipped with customizable RGB lighting and advanced switches, the keyboards will be the pathway to a responsible and seamless typing experience for gamers.

In addition to the keyboards, the company will also unveil its ultra-lightweight designed Glorious Gaming Mice along with its high-quality Glorious Mousepads. While the ergonomic design of the mice will ensure a comfortable grip, its impressive Dots Per Inch (DPI) range of between 100 to 19,000, and a 1000Hz polling rate will offer unrivalled precision and responsiveness to gamers. On the other hand, the numerous sizes of its mousepads will help optimize gaming performance, providing a smooth glide.

“What sets Glorious Gaming apart is their best-in-class variety of products that offer gamers the freedom to design their ideal gaming experience. The keyboards, mice, and mousepads allow each and every user to enjoy gaming to the fullest. We are committed to providing the premium products of Glorious Gaming in order to cater to every gamer’s diverse needs,” added B N Subramani.

To complete the high-profile lineup, Glorious Gaming provides a variety of gaming accessories for keyboards and mice, including wrist rests, keycaps, switches, coiled cables, mouse feet, bungees, and more, for gamers to create a full and immersive gaming setup.

According to the ‘Gaming Accessories Market’ report by Allied Market Research, the global gaming accessories market was valued at $6.1 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $14.4 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 9.9% from 2022 to 2030.

By region, the Asia-Pacific region is projected to remain the fastest-growing segment during the forecast period. One of the key factors driving market growth in the Asia-Pacific region is the growing number of professional gamers. Aside from that, advancements in wireless technologies, as well as an increase in demand for online games, are fuelling market growth.

With Esports officially being recognized as a multi-sport event by the Indian government, the video-gaming industry is going to experience meteoric growth. Glorious Gaming’s entry in the country’s market will propel the performances of gamers on the national and international stage, thereby contributing to the development of the sector.

Gamers and enthusiasts from all over India can purchase these products on Think 24 India’s Amazon store, Flipkart, and other selected gaming retail locations.

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