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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Delays Immersion Mode And Other Updates, Announces The Delay Just One Day Before the Actual Release

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Ubisoft isn’t having a lot of luck with Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Most of it is down to Ubisoft themselves though. The latest update which was supposed to go live last Tuesday (25 feb 2020), and was supposed to include a new class (The Engineer) and a new Immersive Mode has been delayed until Spring. But that’s not what has the community up in arms, it’s the fact that the devs made this announcement a solitary day before the update was supposed to roll out (That’s 24 Feb 2020).

The announcement itself was made on the game’s blog. While the devs are yet to give a definite date for the new release date for the update, they did mention that there would be more news on 5 March 2020.  The new update was supposed to herald, the Immersive Mode, a new game mode which is supposedly designed around the feedback from the community on how the different survival mechanics should have more impact on the gameplay. The update was also supposed to add a brand new class, The Engineer to the game as well.

Its the latest addition to the woes of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which has had a tough time ever since its release. Even Yves Guillemot had acknowledged the lukewarm reception of Ghost Recon Breakpoint and had said that some of the company’s overall underachievement for the fiscal year was because of its lack of success.

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