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In Feb of last year, I got the chance to try out the Gamesir X2 Lightning Mobile Gaming Controller. Overall, I was mighty impressed by the controller, and because of that my mobile became my on-the-go gaming option beating out my PSP and even the Nintendo Switch.

Early this year though, Gamesir announced their latest and greatest. The X3 Type C Peltier Cooled Mobile Gaming Controller. This new controller promises to be better than its predecessor in every way. Good thing, we got our hands on it and let you know if that promise was kept.

Unboxing The X3

The Gamesir X3, comes in very similar packaging to the X2. However, everything feels “more premium” this time around. The hard case is a little bigger. The packaging also has become better. Inside lies the controller, and the customary stickers. But wait there is more, X2 comes with different grips for your analogs, 2 high-rise thumbstick option if you want, a D-pad replacement and a key puller so that you can re-arrange the face keys in a pattern that you prefer. It increases the customizations on the X3 and makes it a way more viable option for gamers who want to personalize their experience.

Connecting The X3

Similar to the X2 before it, X3 offers a swivel based USB Type C port, to make it easier for your phone to connect. Unlike the X2 though, X3 extends on both side around its centre-core which IMO is way cooler. The controller can slide and fit almost any variation of the android phone in market today, however you might want to take off the phone guard if it’s too thick. 

Again like the X2, X3 offers a Type-C connector to the side of the controller, which you can use to charge the phone while you game away. On the flip-side though, X3 also inherits the problem of X2, in the sense that there is still no way to connect a wired headphone to the controller/phone while its in use.

Using The X3

Now X3 is bigger than the X2 in almost all regards. It’s thicker to hold. The D-pad is bigger and softer to press. The triggers have had a huge improvement in quality and feel as if they have more depth to them than just being shallow click buttons. The grip on the rear has improved too, and feels even more rubbery than the X2. Finally, the face buttons have had a bump in quality as well, and feels more bigger and more premium.

Then we come to the coup-de-grace of Gamesir X3, the Peltier Cool fan. This gamepad, believe it or not comes with a cooler fan attached to the back, complete with RGB lights. And it works and looks awesome too, IF you connect it using a separate USB C cable into its own exclusive slot. That means if you are using the X3 and wanted to charge the phone, and keep the fan on while you are gaming, then you would need to connect 2 cables into the controller. Its not ideal, but the entire idea of a mobile controller should be that you are able to take it everywhere you go, and the Gamesir X3 can’t do that AND keep the fan running. Maybe we will have to wait till the X4 for that one.

When you are using it though, there is no question that it looks awesome. It attracts looks from other passengers on the bus and train, and people have stopped and looked at the fan while I used it at cafes. I primarily used the controller to play Diablo Immortal with my cousins, but I also tried out a variety of games from the TapTap app. An app that acts like a doorway to hundred of supported games on Andorid and comes highly recommended from Gamesir themselves. If you are unsure on what to play next with your X3 after PGMI, TapTap is a great place to start. 

Download The Tap Tap App

Real Talk

The Gamesir X3 Peltier Cooled Mobile Gaming Controller is better than the Gamesir X2 in every way. But it’s also priced higher. At 99$ it competes with the Backbone controller which is supported by Playstation and Apple. And there are cheaper options out there for the Android eco-system too.

I predict, the competition in this area of mobile gaming accessory will only increase over time, and for now Gamesir X3 is a strong contender to take those pesky overlaid control schemes away from your precious mobile screen estate.

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