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The mission of new developer Act 3 Games is to create high-quality, provocative story-driven games based upon real events in our history. Act 3 Games have announced and released their first game “The Fidelio Incident”, a first-person narrative thriller, available now on Steam.

About the game:

Suddenly, the plane goes down, slamming into the top of the mountain, ripping in half, leaving Stanley and Leonore separated.  As Stanley wakes from the crash, his cell phone rings; it is Leonore in desperate, critical condition.  While Stanley frantically searches for Leonore, he must cover up any traces of their identity. Rescue help is on the way, the past must remain hidden. They can’t find out who we are!

For The Fidelio Incident, inspirations include Dear Esther, Gone Home, and Firewatch as well as character dramas like Homeland, Lost, and The Americans. The game was also inspired by Beethoven’s only opera, Fidelio,” said Ken Feldman. “We used the opera’s premise as inspiration for the backstory, and then re-imagined it for a modern setting.”

We’ve been working on The Fidelio Incident for 3 years,” said Ken. “We wanted to release it out of nowhere to capture the emotional feeling when you’ve just seen a Netflix show or played something you immediately have to talk about. The Fidelio Incident is a provocative thriller that will hook you from the start.”

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